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Some time ago I passed through that immature phase commonly known as ‘the need to be right’. What a relief it is to have transcended such childish ways! Now I content myself with life’s simpler pleasures; such as showing people that they’re wrong.


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The limits of empathy

Imagine feeling empathy for Eric Cartman* when he doesn’t get what he wants.

* In South Park


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Imagine something so unconditionally open, spacious, limitless and boundary-less, that it even allows space for evil.


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What causes things to fall to the ground?


In what ways is this a better answer than: ‘The thing that causes things to fall to the ground’?


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A problem shared is a problem halved. Unless you share it with someone who is very emotionally involved with you. In which case its a problem quadrupled.


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Familiarity does not so much breed contempt as it permits contempt

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