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Certain people* appear to have an integrity which is bound up with a fixed ideology. This seems evident in their honesty and political incorrectness. But might it be possible to have integrity without ideology?
Greenspan on Iraq:

Greenspan on the economy:

An alternative view:

* Ron Paul too?

A belief: “To exist you need an ideology”. Here espoused by Alan Greenspan –

If you can’t ‘exist’ without an ideology – then when it fails you can’t dramatically alter it – you are restricted to merely admitting some of its shortcomings:

The Greenspan ideology:

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Truth is an acquired taste. Its easier to spend your whole life honing your skills in proving yourself to ‘be right’ and to put truth firmly aside. Work hard enough and you could become a Grandmaster of self-deception. But even then there will always be small gaps in your armour …

Part 2:

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Its not so important whether you are religious or atheist (or Democrat or Republican), so long as you don’t hold on to your beliefs with a clenched fist.


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Study: Conservatives have larger ‘fear center’ in brain

But are conservatives more frightened by threats to their actual survival or to their conceptual ‘identity’? Or both?


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World is becoming more corrupt

In Ireland, less than 6% say they paid bribes. But are those bribes paid to get sons off (fabricated) speeding charges, or to facilitate the winning of multi-million euro no-bid contracts?

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