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A cynic is someone who enjoys criticising those who fall short of (his) false hopes.

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A cynic is someone who becomes critical of people for not living up to his false hopes.

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Romance occurs when two* people’s shared appreciation of what they are experiencing is intensified by their appreciation of each other.

* or more



Apophatic science: An attempt to assist in experiencing ultimate reality by developing scientific (largely psychological/neuroscientific) insights into and models of the mental processes which inhibit this experience. Apophatic science is a complement to apophatic theology which attempts – through non-scientific means – to achieve unity with ultimate reality, by gaining knowledge of what ultimate reality is not.


Generalisation temptation: The motivation or ‘temptation’ to generalise a very limited number of examples (even one) to a ‘fact’ about reality for egotistical purposes. For example – so as to feel knowledgeable, to reduce uncertainty, to impress others with your knowledge, to increase one’s confidence in making negative judgments about people/groups and so feel superior etc.


Boredom is just another word for ‘too much reality’

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