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The perceived attractiveness of a task depends on the perceived repulsiveness of the other tasks before you.


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Generalisation temptation: The motivation or ‘temptation’ to generalise a very limited number of examples (even one) to a ‘fact’ about reality for egotistical purposes. For example – so as to feel knowledgeable, to reduce uncertainty, to impress others with your knowledge, to increase one’s confidence in making negative judgments about people/groups and so feel superior etc.


He who believes what he can’t see, often can’t see what he doesn’t believe.


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He who never admits to being wrong, never becomes aware of his need to be right. No self-awareness without vulnerability.



Worry expands to the problems* available

* Or: ‘work’


Something absolutely terrible could happen, and you worry. Fortunately that thing doesn’t happen. You are convinced that after that – nothing small will bother you any more. You are not going to ‘sweat the small stuff’.

A few weeks later – you are in a situation where something slightly serious could happen (but not in any way ‘terrible’). Nevertheless you find yourself worrying quite a lot anyway.



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