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Optimal disorder?

If you had a lab or a scientific vision that was TOO well organised, would it reduce your chances of making serendipitous discoveries? If you had society what was TOO well organised would it reduce your chances of making serendipitous friendships and acquaintances? (e.g. Imagine a society in which procedures are so well worked out and explicit that you don’t even need to ask people questions about how and what to do?)

Is there an argument to be made that for the purposes of scientific discovery and promoting human connection, that there should be a certain element of disorder/chaos in labs, institutions and societies?



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The perceived attractiveness of a task depends on the perceived repulsiveness of the other tasks before you.


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Productivity is perfection; sacrificed on the alter of reality

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Worry expands to the problems* available

* Or: ‘work’


Something absolutely terrible could happen, and you worry. Fortunately that thing doesn’t happen. You are convinced that after that – nothing small will bother you any more. You are not going to ‘sweat the small stuff’.

A few weeks later – you are in a situation where something slightly serious could happen (but not in any way ‘terrible’). Nevertheless you find yourself worrying quite a lot anyway.



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