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If meaning depends on thought, does that mean that when I stop thinking life becomes meaningless?

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Priming shared human experiences may reduce prejudice, even in the face of existential fears

Science direct


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Certain people* appear to have an integrity which is bound up with a fixed ideology. This seems evident in their honesty and political incorrectness. But might it be possible to have integrity without ideology?
Greenspan on Iraq:

Greenspan on the economy:

An alternative view:

* Ron Paul too?

A belief: “To exist you need an ideology”. Here espoused by Alan Greenspan –

If you can’t ‘exist’ without an ideology – then when it fails you can’t dramatically alter it – you are restricted to merely admitting some of its shortcomings:

The Greenspan ideology:

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Consciousness we’ve got, free-will probably not, and neither seem to do a lot

Free-will and consciousness are both strikingly different and curiously similar:

Difference: Its very difficult to demonstrate scientifically that free-will exists, but we certainly know (e.g. from Descartes and others) that consciousness exists.

Similarity: Neither seem to have any purpose; presumably evolution would proceed quite naturally without them.



He does not accept himself
In order to make himself
Acceptable to himself

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Quantifying Mindfulness:
+ Sense of well being (Farb (in press))
+ Visual Search (Anderson, 2007)
– Boredom (Carriere, 2008; Cheyne, 2006)
+ Tolerance for negative affect (Arch & Craske, 2006)
– Attentional capture from negative stimuli (Ortner, 2007)
+ motivational resilience (Levesque & Warren Brown, 2007)
+ Ability to follow one’s own intentions (Chatzisarantis & Hagger, 2007)
– hasty encoding (Herndon, 2008)

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Three types of meaningfulness/aliveness:

1 ‘Thinking’ is fascinating, but what are thoughts and what is reality? And if thoughts/beliefs/values give you ‘meaning’, you must defend those thoughts

2 ‘Emotion’: Drama can make you feel alive, but without it there’s meaningless boredom

3 ‘Consciousness’: the ‘capacity to experience’ is taken to be the source of meaningfulness, not its contents e.g. thought and emotion

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