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Consciousness we’ve got, free-will probably not, and neither seem to do a lot

Free-will and consciousness are both strikingly different and curiously similar:

Difference: Its very difficult to demonstrate scientifically that free-will exists, but we certainly know (e.g. from Descartes and others) that consciousness exists.

Similarity: Neither seem to have any purpose; presumably evolution would proceed quite naturally without them.



Its extraordinary that the two capacities we value most as part of being ‘human’ – our consciousness* and our free-will – appear to be unnecessary for evolution, seem extremely difficult to understand and may not even exist (at least in the case of free-will).

* Some might say e.g. ‘love’ is most central to being human, but what would ‘love’ be if we didn’t have the capacity to experience it i.e. consciousness?


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Toward a psychology of ‘non-self’

Is it possible that questioning the existence of a ‘self’ could become part of mainstream psychology and perhaps even mainstream society? Perhaps with the help of a spiritual philosopher-neuroscientist-atheist-polemicist?…


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