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Drink to forget or drink to disbelieve?

Do people drink so as to ‘think less’ (presumably about worrisome thoughts) or to see their worrisome thoughts as ‘less real’?

My own experience is of forgetting certain details – some names of people, places, events when I have a drink or two. Things I had ‘access’ to while sober – now seem to be just out of reach. In that sense drink appears to cause forgetting (and may also be a good way of creating the ‘tip of the tongue phenomenon’).

But even when I do remember something i.e. an emotional memory like a ‘worry’ – that worry now seems to be ‘at a distance’ in some way. Is the ‘distance’ I am feeling from that worry – a type of:
i) emotional desensitization
ii) an inability to keep that worry in memory for long enough for it to feel ‘painful’
iii) a lowering of ‘belief’ in the reality of this thought?

Or something else?


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Romance occurs when two* people’s shared appreciation of what they are experiencing is intensified by their appreciation of each other.

* or more



The experience of name-dropping

You have a famous friend called Serena*. When you mention that “Serena is a friend of mine” in conversation, does it FEEL different when you are ‘name-dropping’ that she is your friend vs. when you merely describing that she is your friend? How does ‘name-dropping’ FEEL different from just ‘describing’?

* ‘Serena’ could also be a e.g. famous university/institution you worked at, or a noteworthy accomplishment etc.



An 8-year old girl, pointing to her arm asks: “Daddy, where is my ‘self’? Is it in my arm?”


Truth is beautiful even if its ugly. Awareness is joyful even if of pain.


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