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A failure or failing is a stigma before great success, a ‘heroic obstacle bravely overcome’ afterwards

(Why do many lifestyle shows in the style of Oprah mostly interview people after they have overcome an obstacle, solved a problem, or survived an ordeal, and not during it?)



Some men will not sleep* with a prostitute mostly because it allows them to maintain a feeling of moral superiority over those who have.

(I have never slept with a prostitute. So there.)


* Or pick any ‘bad’ thing e.g. cheat romantically, cheat on taxes, lie, gossip etc.


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Two types of people:

1 People who like people who like them back

2 Those who don’t give a damn


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Follow your bliss. Even if you’re crap at it.

Link to Joseph Campbell Foundation 

Joseph Campbell Videos

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He who believes what he can’t see, often can’t see what he doesn’t believe.


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Wherever you go there you are.* Unfortunately.

* Origin of quote unknown. Title of book by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

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If you can’t be happy, create some drama e.g. start a fight

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