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After you read this you will be never be the same again.

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What causes things to fall to the ground?


In what ways is this a better answer than: ‘The thing that causes things to fall to the ground’?


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A problem shared is a problem halved. Unless you share it with someone who is very emotionally involved with you. In which case its a problem quadrupled.


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Priming shared human experiences may reduce prejudice, even in the face of existential fears

Science direct


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Certain people* appear to have an integrity which is bound up with a fixed ideology. This seems evident in their honesty and political incorrectness. But might it be possible to have integrity without ideology?
Greenspan on Iraq:

Greenspan on the economy:

An alternative view:

* Ron Paul too?

A belief: “To exist you need an ideology”. Here espoused by Alan Greenspan –

If you can’t ‘exist’ without an ideology – then when it fails you can’t dramatically alter it – you are restricted to merely admitting some of its shortcomings:

The Greenspan ideology:

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Consciousness we’ve got, free-will probably not, and neither seem to do a lot

Free-will and consciousness are both strikingly different and curiously similar:

Difference: Its very difficult to demonstrate scientifically that free-will exists, but we certainly know (e.g. from Descartes and others) that consciousness exists.

Similarity: Neither seem to have any purpose; presumably evolution would proceed quite naturally without them.



Three types of meaningfulness/aliveness:

1 ‘Thinking’ is fascinating, but what are thoughts and what is reality? And if thoughts/beliefs/values give you ‘meaning’, you must defend those thoughts

2 ‘Emotion’: Drama can make you feel alive, but without it there’s meaningless boredom

3 ‘Consciousness’: the ‘capacity to experience’ is taken to be the source of meaningfulness, not its contents e.g. thought and emotion


Boredom while running

So many people say they get ‘bored’ when they run. (Could running be used as an experimental ‘boredom’ manipulation?) But what about people who do enjoy running? Perhaps its because they are running with other people or they are listening to music. But if they are running alone and without music, perhaps they are unintentionally engaging in some type of mindfulness practice e.g. a type ‘mindfulness of body/nature’?


Analogy as the Core of Cognition – talk by Douglas Hofstadter:

(Especially for those who enjoy ‘blending words’ i.e. Benji, the rest of the de Burca’s and others who have picked up the disease from them 😉 )

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The experience of name-dropping

You have a famous friend called Serena*. When you mention that “Serena is a friend of mine” in conversation, does it FEEL different when you are ‘name-dropping’ that she is your friend vs. when you merely describing that she is your friend? How does ‘name-dropping’ FEEL different from just ‘describing’?

* ‘Serena’ could also be a e.g. famous university/institution you worked at, or a noteworthy accomplishment etc.



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